Flex-Hose Tri-Flex Loop

Flex-Hose Tri-Flex Loop is Available from N.H. Yates

It doesn’t matter what region of the country you live in, your buildings and structures are susceptible to damage from seismic activity. In fact, FEMA has identified mechanical failures of gas and water lines as one of the main causes of fire and damage to property during a seismic event. Fortunately, the Flex-Hose Tri-Flex Loop was created to absorb and compensate for ground movement in six degrees of freedom (three rotation axis, plus rotation along those axes simultaneously). This multi-plane movement design can reduce the need for expansion devices required in piping systems up to 50%. In addition, the Flex-Hose Tri-Flex Loop is the safest and most reliable means of absorbing movement resulting from thermal changes and random seismic shits in a piping system.

Why Choose the Flex-Hose Tri-Flex Loop?

Flex-Hose Tri-Flex Loop

First, Flex-Hose simplified its piping design for an easier installation process. The Tri-Flex Loop does not impose thrust on the piping system. Rather, the pipe’s braid is designed to take the stress of pressurization containing the core, which reduces anchor loads up to 93%. The Tri-Flex Loop also eliminates the need for pipe guides required by traditional pipe designs. Second, the Tri-Flex Loop increases usable space and reduces systems cost. The Flex-Hose system uses 64% less space than mechanical loop systems and eliminates the need for six welds during installation. Additionally, fewer fitting and welds are necessary if the installer positions the Tri-Flex Loop at directional changes and rotates the elbows to make a connection. Third, the Flex-Hose is approved to use in a variety of applications including compressed and combustible gas, steam, hot water, condensed water, and domestic water systems. To accommodate the Tri-Flex Loop is available with flanged ends, steel made NPT ends, weld ends, grooved ends, copper female sweat, or press fit ends.

Flex-Hose Tri-Flex Loop

At N.H. Yates, we know water! For more information about the Flex-Hose Tri-Flex Loop contact one of the knowledgeable water professionals at Yates today!

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