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A.O. Smith Cyclone Mxi Hot Water Heater

a.o. smith cyclone mxi

A.O. Smith Cyclone Mxi Hot Water Heater

The entire line of A.O. Smith Cyclone Mxi Condensing Commercial Water heaters combine industry-leading technology with the dependable quality and service you’ve come to expect from A.O. Smith. Cyclone commercial water heaters are available in configurations that can output anywhere from 100,000 to 500,000 BTUs per hour depending on the model. However, the current Mxi modulating systems have adjustable firing rates to meet the user’s specific demands and increase the unit’s efficiency while decreasing operational costs. At N.H. Yates, we are proud to be the manufacturer’s representative of the A.O. Smith Cyclone Mxi Commercial Hot Water Heaters and helping them sell over 250,000 Mxi models since 1997.

Features of the A.O. Smith Cyclone Mxi 

a.o. smith cyclone mxi

Submerged Combustion Chamber w/ Helical Heat Exchanger Coil: The engineers at A.O. Smith placed the combustion chamber at the center of the water tank to eliminate radiant heat loss and improve efficiency. In addition, this unit’s spiral heat exchanger maximizes the efficiency of heat transfer to the water stored in the tank and works with top mounted burner to minimize the harmful effects of calcium and/or lime accumulation.

PermaGlas Ultra Coat Glass Lining: Both sides of the A.O. Cyclone Mxi’s heat exchanger coil is glass lined with patented PermaGlas which provides superior protection against corrosion in varying water conditions.

Intelligent Control System w/ LCD Display: All models of the Cyclone Mxi are compatible with A.O. Smith’s iComm which make your unit able to be monitored from remote locations. The iComm System allows users to get precise information about your unit including temperature, run history information, and other important diagnostics.

Various Venting Options: Power Vent and sealed-combustion power venting options for vertical or sidewall vents. Direct vent intake and exhaust pipe can terminate separately outside the building or through a single opening using concentric vent assembly.

At N.H. Yates, we know water. If you are a contractor or engineer interested in more information about the A.O. Smith Mxi Commercial Hot Water Heater contact a water professional at Yates today.


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