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Product Spotlight: The Taco 007e

If a 007 is all you need, why not step up to high efficiency? The Taco 007e is engineered with ECM variable speed technology. Its performance is equivalent to the legendary 007 yet it uses up to 85% less electricity, making it ideal for hydronic systems zoned with circulators or zone valves.

Everything you love about the Taco 007 in a high efficiency ECM circulator.

  • High Efficiency ECM Motor providing electrical savings up to 85%
  • Exclusive SureStart that automatically frees locked rotor condition and self purges air from pump
  • Exclusive Bio Barrier® with built in protection against black iron oxide contamination
  • IFC® Integral Flow Check Valve included with each 007e circulator

The Taco 007e: Install it, forget it.™

[Click Here] to learn more about the 007e!

Taco HotLinkPlus-e Instant Hot Water System

taco hotlinkplus-e

Taco HotLinkPlus-e Instant Hot Water System

The innovative Taco HotLinkPlus-e reduces the time it takes hot water comfort to reach your showers and faucets. The HotLinkPlus features a smart water circulator that learns the household hot water usage patterns and makes hot water available at the same time the following week. In addition, if usage patterns change the HotLinkPlus-e system will adjust accordingly. Therefore, if properly installed, the system should never need reprogramming.

How Does The Taco HotLinkPlus-e Work?

The Hot-LinkPlus has three operational modes to fit the needs of any household. First smart mode, monitors, and records the home’s hot water usage pattern. Second, an optional pulse mode sets the circulator to pulses periodically to maintain hot water at all fixtures. Third, in vacation mode, the unit is automatically deactivated when Hot-LinkPlus detects no water use for 36 hours. The circulator turns off and activates for ten seconds every seven days to prevent corrosion and scale buildup. The Hot-LinkPlus bypass valve’s unique thermal disk technology sends cooled water back to the water heater so hot water lines remain hot.

How Much Will The Taco HotLinkPlus-e Save Homeowners?

The HotLinkPlus-e system has the potential to save your customers thousands of gallons of water each year. In fact, it’s estimated the average family wastes up to 12,000 gallons of water per year. That’s energy and resources down the drain! Want to be a hero with your customers? Install a HotLinkPlus-e system in their home!

Installing The Taco HotLinkPlus-e

The Taco HotLinkPlus-e is ideal for new construction projects as well as retrofits in systems without a dedicated hot water return line. In this video, installers can learn everything that they need to know in order to install, calibrate, and test the HotLinkPlus system.

For more information on the Taco HotLinkPlus-e, or any other fine Taco Comfort Solutions products, contact the water professionals at N.H. Yates today.

Maxitrol Venting 325 Series Line Pressure Regulator

maxitrol venting 325 series

Maxitrol Venting 325 Series Line Pressure Regulator

The Maxitrol Venting 325 Series Line Regulators are line pressure regulators for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The units are for main burner or pilot applications of appliances, like stoves or furnaces. The regulators are suitable for natural gas, manufactured gas, mixed gases, liquefied petroleum gases and LP gas-air mixtures.

The Maxitrol 325 Series L-model gas pressure regulators are CSA certified for 2-psi and 5-psi system applications. In addition, the manual ball valves are certified as well as the unit itself. Acceptance continues to grow at an accelerated rate, as more utilities put the 2-psi concept to work. For example, the 2-psi system is now being utilized worldwide on new construction and LP conversions.

Why Choose The Maxitrol Venting 325 Series?

Previously, gas piping systems have predominantly been 3/4” black iron or steel pipe. The development of semi-rigid copper tubing and the introduction of corrugated stainless steel (CSST) have provided HVAC contractors a way to make the transition into the field of gas piping systems. However, the gas piping makes up only one component in the design and installation of the residential and commercial 2-psi gas piping systems.

Of course, operating pressure change is the heart of the new system concept. The entire 2-psi concept would not have been possible without the development of the compact, low-cost Maxitrol pounds-to-inches regulators. These regulators reduce inlet pressure as high as 5-psi down to appliance use levels. Additionally, to deliver positive dead-end lockup, the 325 Series L-model regulators feature a high leverage valve linkage assembly. In addition, they are capable of precise regulating control from full flow down to pilot flows. In combination with Maxitrol’s vent limiting devices, labor and material costs are reduced by eliminating vent lines to the outdoors. The third component of the 2-psi gas piping system is Maxitrol’s manual gas ball valve, which has a design that allows for quick, quarter-turn operations.

Finally, for more information about the Maxitrol Venting 325 Series Line Pressure Regulator, contact the water professionals at N.H. Yates today!

Aquatherm Blue Pipe

aquatherm blue pipe

 Aquatherm Blue Pipe Is The New Industry Standard

The Aquatherm Blue Pipe is a superior alternative to steel, stainless steel, and inferior plastics for most heating and cooling, compressed air, and industrial applications. Why? The Blue Pipe provides more longevity and ongoing performance, in both heating and cooling industry applications, without corroding or weakening over time. The Aqautherm Blue Pipe is able to make these bold claims because of its groundbreaking “faser-composite” technology which reduces linear expansion and contraction and improves impact resistance. Therefore, regardless of the application, the Aquatherm Blue Pipe system is less likely to wear out, lose efficiency, and/or deteriorate than other piping systems.

Why Choose Aquatherm Blue Pipe?

The Aquatherm Blue Pipe’s corrosion free, expansion controlled system design makes it an excellent choice for most heating and cooling, industrial, geothermal, and compressed air systems. These features allow Blue Pipe to provide a more durable and sustainable alternative to most other piping systems on the market. In fact, because Blue Pipe will never corrode or scale, systems that utilize the piping system typically outlast the buildings they’re in. Still not a believer? Take a look at these case studies from Aqautherm and see Blue Pipe in action.

Installing Aquatherm Blue Pipe

The Blue Pipe is relatively easy to install and joins together through a process of knows as “Heat Fusion.” The entire Blue Pipe system is made from a PP-R thermoplastic material that changes to a “melt” state when heat is applied. The resulting connections are leak free and should last the life of the pipe. The Blue Pipe system is also much lighter than metal piping which helps speed installation time. Take a look at this video of an install tech putting this amazing “heat fusion” process in action.

For more information on the heat fusion process see the Aqautherm Blue Pipe information guide.

For information about purchasing the Aquatherm Blue Pipe system for your next project, contact the water professionals at N.H. Yates & Co. today.



Holdrite Hydroflame Pro Series Firestop System

holdrite hyrdoflame pro

Holdrite Hydroflame Pro Series is a Contractor’s Dream

The evolution of lab-tested and UL Approved, cast-in-place firestop solutions continue with the introduction of the Holdrite HydroFlame Pro Series. The innovative Hyrdoflame Pro Series smoke and firestop system provide an effective water seal for unwanted water intrusion while protecting against the spread of fire, smoke, and other harmful gasses. In addition, water dams and water module accessories are available for added water-tight requirements. However, there are four specific innovations that make the Holdrite Hyrdoflame Pro stand out from the competition.


Holdrite Hyrdoflame Pro Series’s Interlocking Telescoping Design

The innovative, interlocking telescoping design of the Hydroflame Pro Series eliminates the need for contractors to cut sleeves on the job site. This means you’ll have faster install times and significantly reduce the number of different products required to complete a job.

Holdrite Hyrdoflame Pro Series Locator Whiskers

Although they may seem simple, the locator whiskers on the Hydroflame Pro Series make it very easy to locate buried sleeves after a concrete pour which helps save your most important resource – time. Sleeves are identifiable by the color of the whisker. A red whisker means plastic, a black whisker metal.

Holdrite Hyrdoflame Pro Series Saftey Cap

The Hydroflame Pro’s threaded cap allows for easy removal without damaging or destroying the unit. However, most contractors love the universal Safety Cap Tool which opens any Hyrdoflame cap and saves workers time and aggravation. And of course, all Hydroflame Pro Series caps meet OSHA hole cover requirements.

Holdrite Hyrdoflame Pro Series Interlocking Nail-In Base

Thie Hyrdoflame Pro’s nail-in base make for fast and easy installation and is ideal for alignment layout and installation in tight locations. The color-coded base allows installers to quickly identify whether they’re dealing with plastic pipe (red), or metal pipe (black).

Check out this video of the Holdrite Hyrdoflame Pro Series on the job site:

For more information on the Holdrite Hydroflame Pro series or any other fine Holdrite product contact the water professionals at N.H. Yates today.

Aquatherm Green Pipe

aqautherm green pipe

Keep Drinking Water Clean With Aquaterm Green Pipe

Clean drinking water is a necessity in life. The Aqautherm Green Pipe system is designed to keep drinking water and other water for food processing free of heavy metals and toxic chemicals that cause contamination. The Green Pipe accomplishes this by setting the standard for potable water systems around the world. Potable water, aka drinking water, must be must be free of chemicals and contaminants so that it is consumable for humans and other living things. However, some potable water piping allows trace amounts of chemicals to pull from pipe walls thus contaminating the water we drink. The Aquatherm Green Pipe system will never allow this to happen. How? Green Pipe is built of a polypropylene material that is hydrophobic, which means it will never corrode or leach into our drinking water.

Why Choose Aquatherm Green Pipe?

aquatherm green pipe
With food grade components, sanitation is key. The Aquatherm Green Pipe is a recyclable polypropylene-random (PP-R) system that is meant specifically for potable water applications and has been proven successful around the world for over 20 years. Because it comes in a variety of sizes, up to 18 inches in diameter, Green Pipe is an ideal choice for everyone from small restaurants and breweries to water mains and high rise buildings. Take a look at this case of study to see Green Pipe in action.

Installing Aquatherm Green Pipe

Installing the Green Pipe is fairly simple and extremely similar to installing Aquatherm’s Blue Pipe. Rather than bolts, clamps, and/or pipe fittings, the Green Pipe joins together through a process known as “Heat Fusion.” As mentioned earlier, Green Pipe is made from PP-R plastic which in addition to being hydrophobic, is also made of a thermoplastic material that changes to a “melt” when heat is applied. The resulting connections are leak, and contaminate free, and should last the life of the pipe.

For more information about the Aquatherm Green Pipe contact the water professionals at N.H. Yates today!

Holdrite 117 Series No-Hub Fitting Restraints

Holdrite 117 Series

Holdrite 117 Series No-Hub Fitting Restraints

The Holdrite 117 Series is the best choice for restraining hubless cast iron soil pipes against separation during high thrust conditions on the market today. Rather needing on-site cutting, bending, measuring, and/or modifications the Holdrite 177 Series takes minutes to install, without the need for modifications. This No-Hub Fitting Restraint is will prevent separation of no-hub pipe fittings at changes of direction or straight in-line joints. In addition, the Holdrite 117 Series Pump will protect against water blow-outs in rain leader systems, plus support joints from the separation of both longitudinal movements and diagonal misalignments.

Why Choose Holdrite 117 Series No-Hub Restraints?

Holdrite 117 Series

The Holdrite 117 Series provides the ideal professional solution for no-hub DWV joints in potential thrust force situations. Holdrite manufactures each piece from stainless steel, black iron, and galvanized components. The #117-3K (2″ & 3″ size), #117- 4K (4″ size), #117-5K (5″ size), #117-6K (6″ size) and #117-8K (8″ size) retain the 90° elbow onto the adjoining piping. All five stainless steel bands must be tightened to 60 in/lb minimum. When installed correctly, these restraint brackets achieve a safe thrust pressure rating equal to 50′ head of water pressure. The Holdrite 117 Series restraints meet plumbing codes, meet pipe manufacturers’ installation instructions and CISPI installation handbook standards. Additionally, there is no need to purchase any additional tools to install the 117 Series and all components necessary are within each kit. To find out more about the 177 Series on the job site take a look at this Case Study from Holdrite.

See the Holdrite 177 Series In Action!

This video from Holdrite will give contractors and installers a better idea of exactly how the 177 Series works. Oh, and don’t feel like you have to fiddle with the sound during the video, it’s a silent demo!

If you are a contractor that wants to learn more about the Holdrite 117 No-Hub Fitting Restraint, contact the water professionals at N.H. Yates today!



Aquatherm Lilac Pipe

aquatherm lilac pipe

Aquatherm Lilac Pipe for Irrigation & Rainwater

Potable water, aka drinking water, is becoming too valuable a resource to waste. Realizing its importance, the Aquatherm team of engineers created the Lilac Pipe as a safe, distinct choice for greywater systems. The Aqautherm Lilac Pipe system has all of the advantages of the company’s other piping systems, such as PP-R construction and heat-fused connections, so it won’t suffer from corrosion or scaling. The strength of the Lilac system is important, as durability can be an issue for recycled and repurposed water systems due to the aggressive nature of greywater. In addition, the Lilac Pipe’s distinct purple color help keep greywater separate from potable, while still utilizing Aquatherm’s full range of fittings. The Lilac Pipe is also certified by the NSF for compliance with CSA B137.11 and can be installed indoors or outdoors, above or underground.

aquatherm liac pipe

Why Choose Aquatherm Lilac Pipe?

More and more frequently, building and plumbing codes are requiring contractors to install reclaimed water and recycled water systems into buildings to improve water conservation. Often, these codes require recycled water systems to remain completely separate from potable water supplies and the piping be color-coded and labeled to identify it as non-potable. The Aquatherm Lilac Pipe meets both of these requirements because the Aquatherm team of engineers developed the Lilac Pipe specifically for reclaimed water and recycled water systems. Additionally, the Lilac Piping systems utilize the same durable PP-R construction and heat fused connections that have set the industry standard for hot-and-cold water distribution system for over 25 years. And of course, the Lilac Pipe system meets all NSF International regulations for safety.

The Aquatherm Lilac Pipe in Action

Take a look at this great video of the Aquatherm Lilac Pipe on the job!

For more information about the Aqautherm Lilac Pipe, or any other Aquatherm L.P. product, contact the water professionals at N.H. Yates today.

HOLDRITE TESTRITE DWV Inline Testing Systems

holdrite testrite dwv

HOLDRITE TESTRITE DWV Inline Testing Systems

The DMV pipes in a home or business carry toxic gases, such as methane, safely away into the sewer system for chemical processing. Therefore, an airtight, leak-free DMV system is critical to everyone’s health and safety. However, some DWV testing techniques can be risky. For example, the traditional “ball method” of testing runs a risk of pipe leakage and/or spillage which can lead to contamination and/or injury due to falls. This simply isn’t the case with the Holdrite Testrite DWV Inline Testing System due to innovative engineering and a safety-first design.

Why Choose the Holdrite Testrite DWV Inline Testing System?

holrite testrite dwv

First, the innovative Holdrite Testrite system offers a safer alternative to other DWV testing systems. The Testrite does not require the use of an inflatable device, such as a bladder, which can cause water slippage during deflation. Instead, Testrite’s sealed system utilizes test wedges with triple protection o-rings to assure a watertight seal without leakage or contamination. Second, the Holdrite Testrite DWV inline testing system is easy to install with only a few tools and performs up to 5X faster than inflatable DWV testing devices. In addition, the Testrite is available for use with PVC, ABS, or cast iron piping systems and is appropriate for any building type. Finally, the Testrite system meets all Plumbing Code requirements and is rated up to 50 feet of head pressure at 22 PSI for 5 floors.

The Holdrite Testrite DWV Inline Testing System at Work

Watch this explanation and product overview put together by the fine people at the Holdrite to see the Testrite DWV Inline Testing System in action!

At N.H. Yates, we know water. If you are a contractor wishing to purchase the Holdrite Testrite DWV Inline Testing system contact one of our highly qualified water professionals at N.H. Yates today.

The SR Series of Maxitrol 2 Stage Regulators

 The SR Series of Maxitrol 2 Stage Regulators

Most two-stage regulator systems are made of two single stage regulators that operate in unison to reduce the pressure gradually in two stages rather than one. During the first stage, the pressure of the gas reduces to a preset level and is then passes on to the second stage. During the second stage, the regulator adjusts the pressure so the flame ignites and remains at the desired level. However, it’s no longer necessary to install two separate regulators on a unit if you use Maxitrol 2 Stage Regulators. That’s the Maxitrol SR series’ dual manifold system combines both gas pressure regulating and flame staging in a single unit. Some common applications for the Maxitrol’s 2 Stage Regulators include direct-fired heaters, hi-lo control (for outdoor heaters), LP natural gas switchover and industrial processing.

Maxitrol 2 Stage Regulators Specs

Maxitrol 2 Stage Regulators are made from solid aluminum and are available in 3/8″ thru 1″ threaded connections. All of SR series regulators are compatible with both NPT or ISO7-1 threads.  The SR series is suitable for natural gas, manufactured gas, mixed gasses, liquefied petroleum gases, and LP gas-air mixtures. All models may be powered by a 24 volt AC transformer. When the unit’s coil is energized, the appliance is a lowe fire. When the coil is de-energized, it is high fire. Continous regulation is maintained to hold the electricity set outlet at constant pressure. For specific information on individual models of the SR Series Maxitrol 2 Stage Regulators model click here. 



At N.H. Yates, we know water. For more information on Maxitrol 2 Stage Regulators or any of the other fine products from Maxitrol contact the water professionals at N.H. Yates today!