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Yates/Hydronic Modules, LLC Continue to Add Value to Data Centers


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Yates/Hydronic Modules, LLC Continue to Add Value to Data Centers

Northern Virginia and other Washingon DC suburbs are currently a hotbed for data centers. Major companies including Google, Amazon, and Facebook are purchasing land in the area to build facilities that house the acres and acres of servers necessary to maintain the world’s digital connections. In fact, current estimates suggest that 70% of the world’s cloud traffic goes through the Northern Virginia area. However, data centers must be operational 24/7 and 365 days a year, which takes a lot of electricity. Fortunately, Northern Virginia has one of the largest electrical grids in the country. Which, along with its proximity to Washington DC, make this area of Virginia such a lucrative location for data centers. But what happens when a data center’s electricity fails?

Back-Up Generators in Data Centers

When power from the local electrical grid fails, data centers must turn to a generator in order to keep data and other information on their servers safe and accessible. Yet, one generator won’t cut it for large data centers. Consequently, most large centers must have a minimum of four to five backups though many have more. However, each data center is unique and has its own configuration of generators. Therefore each must have a custom pump system to deliver the necessary fuel and oil that keeps the generators running. That’s where Yates/Hydronic Modules, LLC come in! Our team specializes in designing custom pump solutions for the large, redundant generators such as the ones necessary to keep data centers functioning on a constant basis.

Take a look at the custom pump sets we manufactured for the diesel fuel return system of a generator in an area data center. In all, there were eight generators with belly tanks. Each of the eight generators will have one of these pump sets mounted next to it so that if the belly tank begins to overfill, the pump will come on and return oil to the main storage tank.

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If you are a data center in Northern Virginia, Yates/Hydronic Modules, LLC can manufacture the oil/fuel pump solution you need to keep your system functioning when main power lines fail. Contact the water and hydronic professionals at Yates/Hydronic Modules, LLC today to get started.



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