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Flexcon Industries Well Tanks

Flexcon Industries Well Tanks

Flexcon Industries Well Tanks from N.H. Yates

Although there are various designs of well tank, the basic principle is really fairly simple. There is pressurized air on the top of the tank and a reservoir of water on the bottom. As the water pump fills the reservoir with water, the air on the top compresses and when the pressure get to approximately 50psi, a switch turns the pump off.  Then, as water is used and emptied, compressed air pushes the water out of the tank. When the pressure drops to approximately 30pi, the pump switches back on and the cycle repeats itself. At N.H Yates, we are proud to be a manufacturer’s representative for Flexcon Industries Well Tanks. Over the years, our team has utilized many Flexcon Industries Well Tanks for a variety of commercial applications. Here is more information on some of Flexon Industries top-selling models. 

Flexcon Industries Flex2Pro WWT Well Tanks


Flexcon Industries Well Tanks

The FlexPro2 WWT is the only water tank in its category that offers CAD2 technology combined with a stainless steel water connection. The result is superior air and water separation and unmatched performance. Flexcon Industries patented manufacturing technique allows them to properly size the diaphragm in a full range of sizes from 14 to 119 gallons. Each tank undergoes a seam-weld test, a high-pressure test, and is then subjected to Flexcon’s famous helium test. Then before leaving the factory, a final air charge check ensures each tank arrives at the job site with the correct precharge.

Flexcon Industries Flex2Pro H2P Well Tanks


Flexcon Industries Well Tanks

Take a look at the improved Flex2Pro H2P composite well tank. Flexcon Industries put two stainless steel reinforced side flex-ports in these tanks for increased installation options. This unit is 50% lighter than conventional steel tanks which makes it 50% easier to handle and install. In addition, the H2P’s non-corrosive, composite construction sets the standard for performance and durability. The unit’s more consistent dome profile and integral bonded connections are just two examples of Flexcon’s attention to superior design and fabrication.

At N.H. Yates, we know water. if you are an engineer or contractor interested in more information on Flexcon Industries Well Tanks, or any of their other products, contact a water professional from Yates today. 

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