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Hayward Flow Meters & Level Sensors

Hayward Flow Meters & Level Sensors from N.H. Yates

Most hot water boilers utilize flowmeters to measure the amount of liquid, gas, or vapor that passes through a system. While some flowmeters measure flow as the amount of fluid pass through over a certain time period, others measure the totalized amount that passes through a system. In combination with level sensors, flowmeters control the levels of water and/or gas that travel throughout a system to maintain temperature levels with a large facility. At N.H. Yates, we are proud manufacturer’s representatives for Hayward Flow Meters and Level Sensors and have utilized for many successful applications over the years. Here is more information on several of Hayward’s most popular models.

Hayward Flow Meter HEX 800 Series

The HEX 800 Series has no moving parts, 0.28 to 20 FPS flow range, cast aluminum housing, PVC body, Hastelloy™C Electrodes, EPDM O-ring, and built-in indicating transmitter display to display flow rate. This Hayward flow meter is also able to provide a 4-20mA output signal, is 24 VDC powered, and has a full line of matching insertion fittings available.  An Optional Batching Controller also available for this unit.

  • Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Sensor, 1 to 12″
  • No moving parts, provides high reliability
  • PVC Wetted Body, PVDF end cap, Hastelloy C Electrodes, EPDM o-ring, Cast AL Housing
  • 0.28 to 20 FPS Velocity Range equals < 1 GPM to 7000 gpm based online diameter
  • 150 psi @ 75F max, 32 to 130F
  • +/- 1% Accuracy of Full Scale
  • Blind 4-20mA output or integral (Built-in) Indicating Transmitter (HFT440)
  • Full range of insertion fittings available
Hayward HLS Series Level Sensors

The Hayward HLS Series level sensor employs advanced sensor technology to ensure highly accurate and repeatable measurements in a wide range of corrosive liquid applications.

  • Unaffected by Surface Foaming, Waves or Headspace Vapors
  • • All CPVC Housing
  • • Al2O3 (Alumina) Diaphragm
  • • Triple Sealed Cable Entry into Body
  • • Available with FPM or EPDM Seals
  • • Available with 0-15 Ft or 0-33 Ft of Level Range
  • • 30 and 50 ft FEP Coated Cable Standard
  • (Lengths to 1000 Feet Available)
  • • 10-35 VDC Powered
  • • Direct Analog 4-20mA Output Signal
  • • 0.25% Accuracy Full Scale
  • • Laser Printed Sensor Details on Body
  • • Full Range of Accessories Available

At N.H. Yates, we know water. If you are a contractor or engineer interested in more information on Hayward Flow Meters or Level Sensors contact a water professional at Yates today.

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