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Aquatherm Red Pipe

aquatherm red pipe

Nothing Is More Reliable  Than Aquatherm Red Pipe

Fire protection systems are essential for keeping individuals safe and protecting property in the event of a fire emergency. While many systems may corrode, leading to failure over time, the Aqutherm Red Pipe fire protection system is designed to be ready when you need it most. When used in combination with the Aquatherm Green Pipe, the Red Pipe gives contractors the ability to create reliable fire prevention systems that won’t leak or blow apart. This means your buildings will remain safe from water damage and flooding even during the extreme heat of a fire. Put simple, Aquatherm Red Pipe is a system everyone can count on to make safe, even safer.

Why Choose Aqautherm Red Pipe?

aquatherm red pipe

While other materials can corrode and become weak over time, Aquatherm’s PP-R pipe resin will be ready when you need it most. However, Aquatherm’s Red Pipe takes the company’s PP-R technology a step further by modifying to it to be heat resistant for fire protection systems. The resulting compound, Fusiolen PP-R is completely non-toxic, even under full combustion, which eliminates the threat of dangers of harmful smoke and fumes. In addition, Fusiolen PP-R’s heat-fused connections won’t leak or blow apart in high-heat conditions. Installing Red Pipe is no more difficult than other Aquatherm systems. In fact, like other Aqautherm systems, Red Pipe connects using heat fusion. Combining Red Pipe and fittings using heat fusion ensures the system has no weaknesses or failpoints.

Unfortunately, Aquatherm Red Pipe is available on a limited application, as-approved basis in the United States. For information about this product and potential applications of it, please contact info@nhyates.com.

aquatherm red pipe

At N.H. Yates, we know water. For more information about the Aquatherm Red Pipe system, or any Aquatherm product, contact a water professional at N.Y. Yates today!

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