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Red-White Valve Corp Digital Differential Pressure Manometer

Digital Differential Pressure Manometer

Red-White Valve Corp Digital Differential Pressure Manometer

Digital Pressure Manometers are portable devices that can be used to indicate the difference between two pressures¬†in a system. However, manometers can also be used to determine a single pressure as well. Red-White Vale Corp’s Digital Differential Pressure Manometers are versatile, handheld, battery operated, and useful for a variety of applications.

Red-White Valve Corp T550RWV Digital Differential Pressure Manometer
    • Memory capacity up to 20,000 records
    • Anti-freeze media correction Working with projects
    • Project measuring with the possibility of printed balancing report
    • Li-ion rechargeable battery with USB charger Mini USB PC interface
    • Ergonomic device case QVGA
    • RGB 2.2 inch, 240 x 320 pixel backlight display
    • Memory capacity up to 1,200 valves Simple valve detection by valve image
    • Programmable recording of measured values
  • IP65 cover

The T550RWV Digital Differential Pressure Manometer takes advantage of an integrated pressure differential sensor that gives an exact measurement of the static pressures while also displaying the real-time GPM of your hydronic system. In addition, the flow of your hydronic system is calculated from the preprogrammed characteristics of the manometer’s balancing valves. Of course, the valve characteristics can also be manually selected.

Digital Differential Pressure Manometer

How to Use the T550RWV Digital Differential Pressure Monitor:
  1. Connect the hoses to the valve (No air should be in the hoses for accurate measurement)
  2. Turn on the unit and press 0 button, and follow the 3-step procedure shown on the display (You will be instructed to connect the two hoses to T550 during this procedure.) In case the device needs to be reset to zero, disconnect the unit from the hoses and repeat Step 2.
  3. Press VALVE button, select RWV from the list of valve manufacturers and press OK button. Select the valve model and size, and press OK button again. A picture of the valve model selected will be shown on the display for confirmation. * In addition, for Variable Orifice valves, press PRESET button, input the current valve setting shown on the valve hand-wheel, and press OK button.
  4. The unit will display the flow rate and the differential pressure.

At N.H. Yates, we know water. If you are a contractor, engineer, or maintenance staff interested in more information about Red-White Valve Corp’s Digital Differential Pressure Manometer contact a water professional at Yates today.¬†

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