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Yates in Germany: ISH Trade Fair 2019

From March 11th to the 15th, Jon Thomas, Dan Kelbaugh and Matt Hatmaker traveled to Frankfurt, Germany to participate in the ISH Trade Fair; the world’s leading trade fair for HVAC & Water.

ISH, the world’s leading trade fair for HVAC + Water, once again gave an impressive demonstration of its importance for German and international visitors and exhibitors. Achieving the climate targets is only possible by interconnecting systems and trades. With innumerable solutions, the global meeting place generated a plethora of fresh and future-oriented impulses.

Jon Thomas & Dan Kelbaugh with Philip Menke from Aquatherm Germany at the Aquatherm booth at ISH 03-11-2019

Connex-Banninger, manufacturer of -B- MaxiPro celebrates their 110th year with a huge banner at ISH 2019

Dan Kelbaugh & Matt Hatmaker posing during a plant tour at Rothenberger Germany.  Like NH Yates, Rothenberger is celebrating their 70th in business during 2019.

Jon & Dan in front of the impressive Aquatherm booth & piping display at ISH in Frankfurt Germany.  A Tech Session was held in the booth featuring the 3D modeling technology that was utilized to design the Aquatherm pre-fab piping components that will be made in Utah and shipped, ready to install, to Dominion Mechanical at the Capital One HQ building in Tyson’s Corner, VA this spring & summer.

Dan & Jon in the Reliance Worldwide Booth at ISH Trade Fair, Frankfurt Germany, showing off the recently released Streamlabs product along with Kevin Buckner, Senior VP (middle).

Dan & Matt outside building #4 of 12 at the ISH Trade Fair in Frankfurt Germany showing off the large Conex Banninger banner celebrating 110 years in business!

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