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Aquatherm Blue Pipe

aquatherm blue pipe

 Aquatherm Blue Pipe Is The New Industry Standard

The Aquatherm Blue Pipe is a superior alternative to steel, stainless steel, and inferior plastics for most heating and cooling, compressed air, and industrial applications. Why? The Blue Pipe provides more longevity and ongoing performance, in both heating and cooling industry applications, without corroding or weakening over time. The Aqautherm Blue Pipe is able to make these bold claims because of its groundbreaking “faser-composite” technology which reduces linear expansion and contraction and improves impact resistance. Therefore, regardless of the application, the Aquatherm Blue Pipe system is less likely to wear out, lose efficiency, and/or deteriorate than other piping systems.

Why Choose Aquatherm Blue Pipe?

The Aquatherm Blue Pipe’s corrosion free, expansion controlled system design makes it an excellent choice for most heating and cooling, industrial, geothermal, and compressed air systems. These features allow Blue Pipe to provide a more durable and sustainable alternative to most other piping systems on the market. In fact, because Blue Pipe will never corrode or scale, systems that utilize the piping system typically outlast the buildings they’re in. Still not a believer? Take a look at these case studies from Aqautherm and see Blue Pipe in action.

Installing Aquatherm Blue Pipe

The Blue Pipe is relatively easy to install and joins together through a process of knows as “Heat Fusion.” The entire Blue Pipe system is made from a PP-R thermoplastic material that changes to a “melt” state when heat is applied. The resulting connections are leak free and should last the life of the pipe. The Blue Pipe system is also much lighter than metal piping which helps speed installation time. Take a look at this video of an install tech putting this amazing “heat fusion” process in action.

For more information on the heat fusion process see the Aqautherm Blue Pipe information guide.

For information about purchasing the Aquatherm Blue Pipe system for your next project, contact the water professionals at N.H. Yates & Co. today.




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