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What The Pros Are Saying About HydroFlame Pro Series

holdrite hyrdoflame pro series

What The Pros Are Saying About Holdrite HydroFlame Pro Series

The innovative technology of the Holdrite HydroFlame Pro Series telescoping firestop sleeves saves plumbing contractors time and money. How? First, the HydroFlame Pro Series is adjustable in length from 8-12 inches, which means no more cutting or taping sleeves together. Second, the HyrdoFlame Pro Series is simple to install. It only takes four screws to secure the sleeves in place. Finally, there is no longer a need to use fire caulking with the HydroFlame Pro Series. Rather the Pro Series cans swell when heated to keep fire, smoke, gas and/or water from escaping. Find out more about the complete line of Holdrite HydroFlame Pro Series here.

See the Holdrite HydroFlame Pro Series in Action!

With 30 years of plumbing experience, John Woodbury Senior Superintendent at Dave Williams Plumbing and Electrical has seen it all. He knows what it takes in time and labor, to tackle any plumbing job. In this short video clip, he and his crew install Holdrite’s unique firestop system – HydroFlame Pro Series Sleeves on a podium deck and reap the benefits of this time and installed cost saving product.

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