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Improve your customers’ experience with Schedule Engine

Scheduling Made Easy with Schedule Engine

Consumers nowadays expect quick, easy, and efficient communication with businesses regarding their services. The days of waiting on hold or playing phone tag just doesn’t work for people who expect to set their schedules with a click or a tap. At N.H. Yates & Co., we offer  Schedule Engine to streamline the scheduling of maintenance, saving the customer time and enhancing their overall experience. With Schedule Engine, you can effectively and accurately schedule and confirm appointments through text and voice messages, while providing accurate ETAs, and even the ability to introduce your customers to the technician on the day of service. Saving your customer’s precious time, while still maintaining first-rate customer service standards, can now be easily done with Schedule Engine.


In addition to scheduling service appointments and providing clear and orderly communication with your valued customers, Schedule Engine also offers other benefits to your customers:

  • The Room View allows your customers to pick commonly-needed repairs faster than scrolling through a list.
  • Remote Assist allows your customers to connect with expert field technicians virtually for diagnostic and repair service, eliminating the time, expense, and, in today’s environment, potential safety concerns over an in-person visit.
  • Your customers can take a picture and/or video and share it with you. Most customers struggle to accurately describe their issue over the phone—it’s one big reason why they don’t want to call. Schedule Engine makes it simple for your customers to capture and upload videos and photos, providing you with better information without putting the customer on the spot. Now they can feel more comfortable with the knowledge that they can expect fewer return visits because you can send the right technician with the right equipment the first time.
Click here for a full list of features available. Contact your NH Yates representative today to find out how to integrate Schedule Engine into your company’s field service management system.

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