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Sellers Manufacturing Co. Hot Water Boilers

Sellers Manufacturing Co. Hot Water Boilers

Sellers Manufacturing Co. Hot Water Boilers from N.H. Yates

Sellers manufacturing Co. offers a complete line of multi-fueled and hot water boilers for commercial and industrial use. At N.H. Yates, we are proud to be a manufacturer’s representative the complete line of Sellers Manufacturing Co. Hot Water Boilers. Seller’s uniquely designed hot water boilers will suit almost any application, given the range of cost, environmental footprint, BTU input, efficiency, and NOX performance. Keep reading for a description of two of Sellers Manufacturing Co.’s most popular hot water boilers.

Sellers Manufacturing Co. Hot Water Boilers – A-2000

Sellers Manufacturing Co. Hot Water Boilers

The A-2000 is known in the industry as an “instantaneous, mid-efficiency, plug-and-play, bulletproof heating product.” Although the current version is newly updated with the latest technology, the A-2000 has been one of Sellers’ Manufacturing Co. for over 65 years. This unit has a unique hourglass shape and a mid-efficient energy (83%) water tube boiler or water heater depending on the application. The A-2000’s large diameter 1.25-inch fin tube and single continuous waterway, which doesn’t permit clogging or water stoppage, make this unit an industry benchmark for reliability.

Sellers Manufacturing Co. Hot Water Boilers – S-Series

Sellers immersion fired S-Series hot water boiler utilizes a patent-pending horizontal single pass firetube boiler that was designed to burn natural gas. The S-Series burner assembly delivers pre-mixed air and gas through multiple nozzles. This air-gas mixture is ignited as it exits each flame retaining nozzle at high velocity which results in flames that are long and small in diameter. The flames from each of these nozzles are directed into a 2 inch O.D. tube that is completely immersed in liquid. There is a separate tube for each flame with the same amount of heat going into each tube. Therefore, the water comes into contact with half of the heating surface in a single pass which makes 50% of the total heating surface a radiant heating surface.

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