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Skidmore X-Series Condensate Return

Skidmore X-Series Condensate ReturnsSkidmore X-Series Condensate Returns from N.H. Yates & Co

In many industrial boiler-systems, after steam transfers to the heat exchanger or heating coil, it reverts to a liquid referred to as condensate. Rather than allowing this liquid to go to waste, many engineers recommend adding a condensate return to your boilers system. Using a condensate return allows your system to function more efficiently by reducing the amount of fuel, chemicals, treatments, and make-up water needed to function at an optimal level. At N.H. Yates, we are proud to be a factory representative for the Skidmore X-Series Condensate Returns one of the leading returns in the industry. These reliable, efficient, and easy to maintain pumps are designed and are available in several space-saving configurations.

Why Choose Skidmore X-Series Condensate Returns?

Skidmore X-Series Condensate Returns

Skidmore X Condensate Returns are intended for low-pressure steam heating systems to collect and efficiently return condensate to a boiler’s feed unit. The X-Series Condensate receivers are available in two metals – cast iron and steel. The Steel unit provides a wide range of receiver options which allows it easily to fit in many tight spots. Pumping action is managed with a standard float switch, or mechanical alternator to turn the pump on and off. All of the X-Series Condensate Return pumps come with an impeller designed to assure smooth and safer water passage and a mechanical seal that can handle temperatures up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. The X-Series Universal 4-blot flange makes it capable of fitting most major competitors’ boiler models.

Skidmore X-Series Condensate Returns Specifications:

  • 22.5 GPM
  • 20 PSI to 40 PSI (3500 RPM only)
  • 2′ NPSHR (20 PSI – 1 phase pumps with Noryl impeller only)
  • 115/230V 1 phase and 208-230/460V 3 phase
  • Optional isolation valve, high-temperature seal
  • Various sizes of cast iron & steel receivers

At N.H. Yates, we know water. If you are an engineer or contractor in need of more information on any model of Skidmore X-Series Condensate Return contact a water professional at N.H Yates today.

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