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Taco Tuesday Webinar: Making Domestic Hot Water Recirculation Easy and Effective

Tuesday March 10th, join us for a 1-hour webinar focusing on DHW recirculation!

Taco’s Hot-LinkPlus-e instant hot water system combines the easy-to-install Hot-Link® Valve with the 006e3™ hot water circulation pump and the award winning SmartPlug Instant Hot Water Control®! The Hot-LinkPlus-e provides hot water on demand while maximizing energy savings. Using existing plumbing with a tank water heater, no dedicated hot water return line is needed.

It’s easy to make Domestic Hot Water Recirculation, but making it effective, efficient and economic? That’s not so easy. 

Fortunately, today’s technology puts tools in your hands to help you deliver hot water to your customers faster, easier and more economically than ever before. This Month’s Taco Tuesday webinar shows you how to size your residential DHW circulator properly and then how to control it so your customers get their hot water fast with minimal overall cost. 

In this fast-paced, fact-filled hour, you’ll learn the benefits of DHW recirculation, the best ways to control both new installations and retrofits, and how to avoid some of the common pitfalls plumbers encounter with recirculation systems.

How to Join the Webinar

March 10, 12pm-1pm:  Residential Focus

Making DHW Recirculation Easy and Effective
Presented by John Barba

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