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Super Therm: Semi-Instantaneous Water Heaters from DHT

If you are an engineer or facility owner looking for a high recovery, energy-efficient water heater with a very small footprint, DHT has the solution for you.

The DHT ST Series of semi-instantaneous water heaters are custom engineered using steam, boiler water or HTHW as the heating medium. What makes these units unique is their vertical configuration; they require less than four square feet of floor space. Plus, the tube bundle can be removed straight out or downward from the bottom of the unit to eliminate the need for overhead space or extra clearances for service or maintenance. Horizontal configurations with rack mounted stands are also available.

Some of the features listed on the DHT include:

  • Compact design to fit in small mechanical rooms
  • Complete packaged system with components engineered to specific application requirements
  • Energy efficient
  • High recovery
  • Stainless alloy construction

A Manhattan Apartment Complex, featuring 10,000+ apartments in 110 buildings, is employing the DHT ST Series. Not only is the new DHT system helping maintain more consistent domestic hot water for their residents it is also saving ownership more than 10% annually in Con Ed steam usage. Read more about DHT ST Series in action right here.

If you’re interested in learning more about the DHT Super Therm series, contact NH Yates today!

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