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Ac-U-Temp Packaged Hot Water Supply Systems

Ac-U-Temp Packaged Hot Water Supply SystemsGet A.O. Smith’s Ac-U-Temp Packaged Hot Water Supply Systems from N.H. Yates

A.O. Smith is one of the top manufacturers of high-quality commercial hot water heaters, storage tanks, boilers and, hydronic components in the world. However, A.O. Smith’s Ac-U-Temp Packaged Water Supply Systems combine all of their best automatic circulating water heating components to create a custom, pre-piped and wired, commercial hot water system that meets your business’s specific needs. Once assembled and on-site, the Ac-U-Temps Packaged Systems are easy to install. The installation team simply connects the flue, gas. electric supply, coldwater make-up, and hot water supply and your commercial hot water system is ready to go.

Why choose A.O. Smith’s Ac-U-Temp Packaged Hot Water Supply System?

Ac-U-Temp Packaged Hot Water Supply Systems

Tank Capacities
  • Standard tank sizes from 80 to 1,000 gallons
  • Custom tanks to 10,000 gallons Eliminate Costly Field Errors
  • Factory-engineered and assembled to assure proper pipe, pump, and wire sizing
  • Systems are pre-piped and wired to guarantee maximum system efficiency


Simplifies Installation
  • The installer simply connects the flue, gas, electric supply, cold water make-up, and hot water supply


Ac-U-Temp Storage Tanks
  • Each tank is specially designed with tank opening locations that provide maximum tank draw efficiency and eliminate any unnecessary piping and connections
  • Standard Ac-U-Tanks are factory jacketed and insulated (Bare tanks are also available)


Custom Ac-U-Temp Systems
  • All systems are built to order to meet your specifications
  • Many heater and tank combinations available


Multi-Tank Systems
  • For applications with low ceiling heights or unique installation challenges


Electric Back-Up
  • Heavy-duty electric elements and controls can be specified for up to 3,000 kW for 100% electric back-up
  • Provides hot water even during natural gas curtailments


Superior I-Beam Skid
  • For easy shipping
  • Larger systems may be shipped on a split skid that is easily assembled during installation


Factory Hydrostatic And Fire-Tested Before Shipping
5-Year Heat Exchanger Module And 5-Year Limited Tank Warranty

Ac-U-Temp Packaged Hot Water Supply Systems

At N.H. Yates, we know water. If you are a contractor or engineer interested in more information on A.O. Smith’s Ac-U-Temp Packaged Hot Water Supply Systems contact a water professional at Yates today!


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