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Aquatherm Lilac Pipe

aquatherm lilac pipe

Aquatherm Lilac Pipe for Irrigation & Rainwater

Potable water, aka drinking water, is becoming too valuable a resource to waste. Realizing its importance, the Aquatherm team of engineers created the Lilac Pipe as a safe, distinct choice for greywater systems. The Aqautherm Lilac Pipe system has all of the advantages of the company’s other piping systems, such as PP-R construction and heat-fused connections, so it won’t suffer from corrosion or scaling. The strength of the Lilac system is important, as durability can be an issue for recycled and repurposed water systems due to the aggressive nature of greywater. In addition, the Lilac Pipe’s distinct purple color help keep greywater separate from potable, while still utilizing Aquatherm’s full range of fittings. The Lilac Pipe is also certified by the NSF for compliance with CSA B137.11 and can be installed indoors or outdoors, above or underground.

aquatherm liac pipe

Why Choose Aquatherm Lilac Pipe?

More and more frequently, building and plumbing codes are requiring contractors to install reclaimed water and recycled water systems into buildings to improve water conservation. Often, these codes require recycled water systems to remain completely separate from potable water supplies and the piping be color-coded and labeled to identify it as non-potable. The Aquatherm Lilac Pipe meets both of these requirements because the Aquatherm team of engineers developed the Lilac Pipe specifically for reclaimed water and recycled water systems. Additionally, the Lilac Piping systems utilize the same durable PP-R construction and heat fused connections that have set the industry standard for hot-and-cold water distribution system for over 25 years. And of course, the Lilac Pipe system meets all NSF International regulations for safety.

The Aquatherm Lilac Pipe in Action

Take a look at this great video of the Aquatherm Lilac Pipe on the job!

For more information about the Aqautherm Lilac Pipe, or any other Aquatherm L.P. product, contact the water professionals at N.H. Yates today.

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