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Holdrite 117 Series No-Hub Fitting Restraints

Holdrite 117 Series

Holdrite 117 Series No-Hub Fitting Restraints

The Holdrite 117 Series is the best choice for restraining hubless cast iron soil pipes against separation during high thrust conditions on the market today. Rather needing on-site cutting, bending, measuring, and/or modifications the Holdrite 177 Series takes minutes to install, without the need for modifications. This No-Hub Fitting Restraint is will prevent separation of no-hub pipe fittings at changes of direction or straight in-line joints. In addition, the Holdrite 117 Series Pump will protect against water blow-outs in rain leader systems, plus support joints from the separation of both longitudinal movements and diagonal misalignments.

Why Choose Holdrite 117 Series No-Hub Restraints?

Holdrite 117 Series

The Holdrite 117 Series provides the ideal professional solution for no-hub DWV joints in potential thrust force situations. Holdrite manufactures each piece from stainless steel, black iron, and galvanized components. The #117-3K (2″ & 3″ size), #117- 4K (4″ size), #117-5K (5″ size), #117-6K (6″ size) and #117-8K (8″ size) retain the 90° elbow onto the adjoining piping. All five stainless steel bands must be tightened to 60 in/lb minimum. When installed correctly, these restraint brackets achieve a safe thrust pressure rating equal to 50′ head of water pressure. The Holdrite 117 Series restraints meet plumbing codes, meet pipe manufacturers’ installation instructions and CISPI installation handbook standards. Additionally, there is no need to purchase any additional tools to install the 117 Series and all components necessary are within each kit. To find out more about the 177 Series on the job site take a look at this Case Study from Holdrite.

See the Holdrite 177 Series In Action!

This video from Holdrite will give contractors and installers a better idea of exactly how the 177 Series works. Oh, and don’t feel like you have to fiddle with the sound during the video, it’s a silent demo!

If you are a contractor that wants to learn more about the Holdrite 117 No-Hub Fitting Restraint, contact the water professionals at N.H. Yates today!



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