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Dunkirk Condensing Gas Boilers

dunkirk condensing gas boilers

Dunkirk Condensing Gas Boilers from N.H. Yates

The people at Dunkirk are known by those in the HVAC and plumbing industries for delivering innovative, efficient and dependable heating products. At N.H. Yates, we are proud to represent the entire line of Dunkirk Gas Boilers. In this post, we will be focusing specifically on Dunkirk Condensing Gas Boilers. When choosing a condensing boiler, Dunkirk offers a variety of choices to meet a variety of needs. The most recent model of Dunkirk Condensing Boiler utilizes an innovative vertical mounted helical fin tube heat changer that boasts a 95% AFUE rating. In addition, these modulating sealed combustion boilers feature built-in Outdoor Temperature Rest that reduces heating costs. Here are a few of the most popular models of Dunkirk Condensing Gas Boilers.

Dunkirk Helix VLT

dunkirk condensing gas boilers


The Dunkirk VLT Condensing Gas Boiler is a wall hung unit that features built-in primary and secondary piping and a built-in low water cut off. The Helix VLT works on a 5:1 turn down ratio and is approved for PVC, CPVC, and polypropylene vent systems. And of course, the Helix VLT is low maintenance, and self-cleaning.

Dunkirk DCC/DCB High-Efficiency Wall Mounted Modulating Condensing Boiler

dunkirk condensing gas boilers

The Dunkirk DCC/DCB high-efficiency wall mounted modulating condensing boiler features AI Control Technology that automatically sets up the boiler during the initial setup and recognizes natural or LP gas with no conversion kit required. In addition, the AI Control system continuously monitors combustion and adjusts gas and air flow to optimize combustion and fuel savings. Both the DCC/DCB models have a 7:1 turn down modulation ratio in DHW mode and a 5:5:1 ratio in heating mode.

Dunkirk DMG 380 High-Efficiency Condensing Hot Water Boiler

dunkirk condensing gas boilers

The DMG 380 High-Efficiency Condensing Hot Water Boiler has a company floor standing design with an optional plug-and-play, CSD-1 kit available for the unit. In addition, the DMG 380 has a 10:5:1 modulation turn down ratio and a high-limit electronic ignition boiler control module. The unit also comes equipt with a digital temperature display with diagnostics and programmable settings.
Dunkirk Helix VX Vertical Laser Tube Wall Hung Stainless Steel Modulating Condensing Boiler

dunkirk condensing gas boilers

The Dunkirk Helix VX is the Rolls Royce of modulating condensing boilers. The Helix VX is a low maintenance, self-cleaning, heat exchanger and was designed to withstand up to 150 psi MAWP. In addition, this unit is approved for PVC, CPVC, and polypropylene venting and is rated Energy Star 2018 Most Efficient. Finally, the Helix VX comes with a 15-year limited manufactures warranty plus a first year $500 heat exchanger labor warranty.

At N.H. Yates, we know water. If you are a contractor or engineer interested in more information on Dunkirk Condensing Gas Boilers contact a water professional at Yates today!


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