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Dunkirk Gas Boilers

dunkirk gas boilers

Dunkirk Gas Boilers from N.H. Yates

The people at Dunkirk take pride in their ability to deliver complete solutions for heating and cooling both residential and commercial buildings. All Dunkirk products are highly efficient, easily maintained and installed, and come with a limited lifetime warranty that makes their gas and oil boilers the preferred choice of contractors. In this article, we are going to focus specifically on Dunkirk Gas Boiler. Here are four of the most popular Dunkirk Gas Boilers:

XEB Series II Dunkirk Gas Boiler

Dunkirk Gas Boiler

The XEB Series II Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler features a small, compact design which is ideal for installation in tight spots. This Dunkirk Gas Boiler is available in 6 sizes ranging from 42 MBH to 225 MBH with an AFUE of up to 84%. In addition, this unit is easy to install. The Honeywell High Limit digital control and diagnostic monitoring make configuring your system easy.

WPSB Series II Dunkirk Gas Boiler

Dunkirk Gas Boiler

The WPSB Series II Dunkirk Gas Boiler has a compact footprint and cast to last 20 years or more. Additionally, the WPSB Series II features an advanced Fuel Smart Hydrostat 3 in 1 control and LED display with diagnostic function and indicator lights. the WPSB Series II also comes with a boiler reset that lowers the boil temp to save fuel by turning on the burner only when necessary. For installers, the set-up is quick with no need to install an outdoor sensor, rather, just dial in the heating zones.

PSB Series II Dunkirk Gas Boiler

Dunkirk Gas Boiler

The Dunkirk Plymouth Steam Boiler (PSB) series offers a great combination of heating comfort, efficiency, along with the dependability you expect from Dunkirk. With an efficiency as high as 82.7%, a Plymouth Steam Boiler is an excellent choice for performance and economic operating costs.

D249 Series Commercial Dunkirk Gas Boiler

Dunkirk Gas Boiler

The D249 Steam Series from Dunkirk is their top-of-the-line industrial gas boiler and is ideal for apartment buildings, schools, churches, offices, and manufacturing facilities. The D249 Steam Series is available in 100 to 1,500 MBH.

At N.H. Yates, we know water. If you are an engineer or contractor that would like more information about any Dunkirk Gas Boiler, contact one of the water professionals at N.H.Yates today!

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