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Holdrite Hydroflame Pro Series Firestop System

holdrite hyrdoflame pro

Holdrite Hydroflame Pro Series is a Contractor’s Dream

The evolution of lab-tested and UL Approved, cast-in-place firestop solutions continue with the introduction of the Holdrite HydroFlame Pro Series. The innovative Hyrdoflame Pro Series smoke and firestop system provide an effective water seal for unwanted water intrusion while protecting against the spread of fire, smoke, and other harmful gasses. In addition, water dams and water module accessories are available for added water-tight requirements. However, there are four specific innovations that make the Holdrite Hyrdoflame Pro stand out from the competition.


Holdrite Hyrdoflame Pro Series’s Interlocking Telescoping Design

The innovative, interlocking telescoping design of the Hydroflame Pro Series eliminates the need for contractors to cut sleeves on the job site. This means you’ll have faster install times and significantly reduce the number of different products required to complete a job.

Holdrite Hyrdoflame Pro Series Locator Whiskers

Although they may seem simple, the locator whiskers on the Hydroflame Pro Series make it very easy to locate buried sleeves after a concrete pour which helps save your most important resource – time. Sleeves are identifiable by the color of the whisker. A red whisker means plastic, a black whisker metal.

Holdrite Hyrdoflame Pro Series Saftey Cap

The Hydroflame Pro’s threaded cap allows for easy removal without damaging or destroying the unit. However, most contractors love the universal Safety Cap Tool which opens any Hyrdoflame cap and saves workers time and aggravation. And of course, all Hydroflame Pro Series caps meet OSHA hole cover requirements.

Holdrite Hyrdoflame Pro Series Interlocking Nail-In Base

Thie Hyrdoflame Pro’s nail-in base make for fast and easy installation and is ideal for alignment layout and installation in tight locations. The color-coded base allows installers to quickly identify whether they’re dealing with plastic pipe (red), or metal pipe (black).

Check out this video of the Holdrite Hyrdoflame Pro Series on the job site:

For more information on the Holdrite Hydroflame Pro series or any other fine Holdrite product contact the water professionals at N.H. Yates today.

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