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Maxitrol Ball Valves

maxitrol ball valves

Maxitrol Ball Valves from N.H. Yates

Ball valves guide, direct, and modulate the flow of various types of liquids by way of an opening which has a small opening in the middle called a port. By turning the handle on the ball valve, the port manually opens and closes to control the pressure of the liquid. Plumbing and HVAC contractors use ball valves to control the flow of many substances including water, oil, steam, and gas on a variety of applications. At N.H. Yates we are proud to be a manufactures representative for the entire line of Maxitrol Ball Valves which feature their innovative hollow ball and seat design. The research and development team at Maxitrol put years of work and testing into their ball valves to manufacture the hollow ball with a technical level not found in other products.

Maxitrol Ball Valves Models BV602 & BV250

The BV602 and BV250 Ball Valves from Maxitrol have a strong body of forged brass, female NPT inlet and outlet, hard chrome plated ball, and anticorrosion Dactomet treated handle. The BV602 contains seats of Buna N, and are of one-piece construction. Whereas the BV250 model contains PTFE and is made of two-piece construction. Both Maxitrol Ball Valves are equipped with a self-locking nut that improves reliability between the stem and lever by providing additional stability from vibrations. In addition, to the seal created by the O-ring, a PTFE anti-thrust washer seals against the shoulder of the valve. Maxitrol manufactures both models of ball valves with a unique new seat shape to reduce friction during opening and closing. This seat shape reduces torque on the entire unit by 20% to 40% which increases the life of the ball valve.

At N.H. Yates, we know water. If you are interested in more information on Maxitrol Ball Valves contact one of the water professionals at Yates today!

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