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Taco HotLinkPlus-e Instant Hot Water System

taco hotlinkplus-e

Taco HotLinkPlus-e Instant Hot Water System

The innovative Taco HotLinkPlus-e reduces the time it takes hot water comfort to reach your showers and faucets. The HotLinkPlus features a smart water circulator that learns the household hot water usage patterns and makes hot water available at the same time the following week. In addition, if usage patterns change the HotLinkPlus-e system will adjust accordingly. Therefore, if properly installed, the system should never need reprogramming.

How Does The Taco HotLinkPlus-e Work?

The Hot-LinkPlus has three operational modes to fit the needs of any household. First smart mode, monitors, and records the home’s hot water usage pattern. Second, an optional pulse mode sets the circulator to pulses periodically to maintain hot water at all fixtures. Third, in vacation mode, the unit is automatically deactivated when Hot-LinkPlus detects no water use for 36 hours. The circulator turns off and activates for ten seconds every seven days to prevent corrosion and scale buildup. The Hot-LinkPlus bypass valve’s unique thermal disk technology sends cooled water back to the water heater so hot water lines remain hot.

How Much Will The Taco HotLinkPlus-e Save Homeowners?

The HotLinkPlus-e system has the potential to save your customers thousands of gallons of water each year. In fact, it’s estimated the average family wastes up to 12,000 gallons of water per year. That’s energy and resources down the drain! Want to be a hero with your customers? Install a HotLinkPlus-e system in their home!

Installing The Taco HotLinkPlus-e

The Taco HotLinkPlus-e is ideal for new construction projects as well as retrofits in systems without a dedicated hot water return line. In this video, installers can learn everything that they need to know in order to install, calibrate, and test the HotLinkPlus system.

For more information on the Taco HotLinkPlus-e, or any other fine Taco Comfort Solutions products, contact the water professionals at N.H. Yates today.