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Taco OE Pump Solutions Featuring ECM Tech Are at N.H. Yates!

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Taco OE Pump Solutions Featuring ECM Technology

As a longtime representative of Taco Comfort Solutions’ products, N.H. Yates is excited to represent their new line of Taco Oe Pump Solutions featuring ECM Technology. The Taco Oe, for Optimized Efficiency, line of commercial pumps is currently setting a new standard for performance, efficiency, and lifecycle cost. They accomplish this by adding a permanent-magnet ECM motor and VFD pump to Taco’s commercial line, which increases efficiency and service life while exceeding the strict upcoming DOE regulations.

What Does This Mean for Taco Oe Pump Users?

With Taco’s exclusive line of residential ECM circulators, the company now offers the broadest range of high efficiency, ECM powered pumps and circulators. All pumps with the Taco Oe package can reduce the total cost of ownership by utilizing advanced motor technologies to decrease energy consumption.  In addition, the pairing of an ECM motor with a VFD pump means users can expect longer service life, more uptime, and higher reliability than inferior pumps. This increase in performance also allows the Taco Oe Pump system to operate quieter, smoother, and cooler than equivalent induction motors while decreasing the need for maintenance.

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Features of the Taco Oe Pump System

The Taco Oe Pump Package is available on the SCI, SFI, SKS, & SKV models between 3HP and 30HP. As mentioned earlier, all Taco Oe Pumps will meet or exceed Department of Energy regulations. In addition, the Oe Package is available with Taco’s factory-programmed SelfSensing technology and ProBalance drives. Therefore, there is no need to calibrate or balance the Oe System during the commissioning and start-up process. For questions about specific features of the Oe Pump Systems contact an N.H. Yates representative.

For more information on how the Taco Oe Pump can improve the efficiency of your system contact the water professionals at N.H. Yates today!

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