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Maxitrol Venting 325 Series Line Pressure Regulator

maxitrol venting 325 series

Maxitrol Venting 325 Series Line Pressure Regulator

The Maxitrol Venting 325 Series Line Regulators are line pressure regulators for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The units are for main burner or pilot applications of appliances, like stoves or furnaces. The regulators are suitable for natural gas, manufactured gas, mixed gases, liquefied petroleum gases and LP gas-air mixtures.

The Maxitrol 325 Series L-model gas pressure regulators are CSA certified for 2-psi and 5-psi system applications. In addition, the manual ball valves are certified as well as the unit itself. Acceptance continues to grow at an accelerated rate, as more utilities put the 2-psi concept to work. For example, the 2-psi system is now being utilized worldwide on new construction and LP conversions.

Why Choose The Maxitrol Venting 325 Series?

Previously, gas piping systems have predominantly been 3/4” black iron or steel pipe. The development of semi-rigid copper tubing and the introduction of corrugated stainless steel (CSST) have provided HVAC contractors a way to make the transition into the field of gas piping systems. However, the gas piping makes up only one component in the design and installation of the residential and commercial 2-psi gas piping systems.

Of course, operating pressure change is the heart of the new system concept. The entire 2-psi concept would not have been possible without the development of the compact, low-cost Maxitrol pounds-to-inches regulators. These regulators reduce inlet pressure as high as 5-psi down to appliance use levels. Additionally, to deliver positive dead-end lockup, the 325 Series L-model regulators feature a high leverage valve linkage assembly. In addition, they are capable of precise regulating control from full flow down to pilot flows. In combination with Maxitrol’s vent limiting devices, labor and material costs are reduced by eliminating vent lines to the outdoors. The third component of the 2-psi gas piping system is Maxitrol’s manual gas ball valve, which has a design that allows for quick, quarter-turn operations.

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The SR Series of Maxitrol 2 Stage Regulators

 The SR Series of Maxitrol 2 Stage Regulators

Most two-stage regulator systems are made of two single stage regulators that operate in unison to reduce the pressure gradually in two stages rather than one. During the first stage, the pressure of the gas reduces to a preset level and is then passes on to the second stage. During the second stage, the regulator adjusts the pressure so the flame ignites and remains at the desired level. However, it’s no longer necessary to install two separate regulators on a unit if you use Maxitrol 2 Stage Regulators. That’s the Maxitrol SR series’ dual manifold system combines both gas pressure regulating and flame staging in a single unit. Some common applications for the Maxitrol’s 2 Stage Regulators include direct-fired heaters, hi-lo control (for outdoor heaters), LP natural gas switchover and industrial processing.

Maxitrol 2 Stage Regulators Specs

Maxitrol 2 Stage Regulators are made from solid aluminum and are available in 3/8″ thru 1″ threaded connections. All of SR series regulators are compatible with both NPT or ISO7-1 threads.  The SR series is suitable for natural gas, manufactured gas, mixed gasses, liquefied petroleum gases, and LP gas-air mixtures. All models may be powered by a 24 volt AC transformer. When the unit’s coil is energized, the appliance is a lowe fire. When the coil is de-energized, it is high fire. Continous regulation is maintained to hold the electricity set outlet at constant pressure. For specific information on individual models of the SR Series Maxitrol 2 Stage Regulators model click here. 



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Maxitrol EXA Star Modulating Valves

EXA Star Modulating Valves

Maxitrol EXA Star Modulating Valves

Modulating control valves change the flow of fluids, pressure, level, and temperature control of a system. Most modulative values are made up of three main parts: a valve body, an actuator, and a positioner. The positioner, through the actuator, drives the valve based the setting of the control signal. The Maxitrol EXA Star Modulating Valves are equipt with a built-in digital controller that gives a seamless interface with a process controller. The valve has two buttons and a communication LED for the user interface which is used to set the valve for high and low fire settings. In addition, the valve has full open and full close mechanical limits. This feature adds dimension for sizing and applying is significant because it allows the valve to be set up for an entirely different net output depending on pressure supply. The EXA Star Modulating Valve has six electronic connections – two for the power, two for the control signal, and two for the position feedback.

Linear Maxitrol EXA Star Modulating Valves

EXA Star Modulating Valves

Maxitrol’s E42, E52, and E62 Series EXA Star Modulating Valves are designed to have a linear relationship between the control signal and flow rate. This flow rate linearization will optimize over a 5:1 turndown ratio with the maximum flow rate determined at 1″ w.c. pressure drop. With applications in areas with atmospheric low-pressure, these modulating valves consistent gain allows the controller’s entire signal range to be utilized and tuning is simplified. This is a significant improvement over traditional designs. Rather than using a ball, butterfly, and poppet valve, the EXA Star modulating valve has a built-in digital controller that provides a seamless interface with the process controller. This allows the installer to set the high fire and low fire settings and establish mechanical limits for the valve.

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Maxitrol Ball Valves

maxitrol ball valves

Maxitrol Ball Valves from N.H. Yates

Ball valves guide, direct, and modulate the flow of various types of liquids by way of an opening which has a small opening in the middle called a port. By turning the handle on the ball valve, the port manually opens and closes to control the pressure of the liquid. Plumbing and HVAC contractors use ball valves to control the flow of many substances including water, oil, steam, and gas on a variety of applications. At N.H. Yates we are proud to be a manufactures representative for the entire line of Maxitrol Ball Valves which feature their innovative hollow ball and seat design. The research and development team at Maxitrol put years of work and testing into their ball valves to manufacture the hollow ball with a technical level not found in other products.

Maxitrol Ball Valves Models BV602 & BV250

The BV602 and BV250 Ball Valves from Maxitrol have a strong body of forged brass, female NPT inlet and outlet, hard chrome plated ball, and anticorrosion Dactomet treated handle. The BV602 contains seats of Buna N, and are of one-piece construction. Whereas the BV250 model contains PTFE and is made of two-piece construction. Both Maxitrol Ball Valves are equipped with a self-locking nut that improves reliability between the stem and lever by providing additional stability from vibrations. In addition, to the seal created by the O-ring, a PTFE anti-thrust washer seals against the shoulder of the valve. Maxitrol manufactures both models of ball valves with a unique new seat shape to reduce friction during opening and closing. This seat shape reduces torque on the entire unit by 20% to 40% which increases the life of the ball valve.

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Maxitrol Gas Filters

maxitrol gas filters

Maxitrol Gas Filters Are Available From N.H. Yates

Maxitrol gas filters are fit for many applications including natural, manufactured, mixed gases, liquefied petroleum gases and LP gas/air mixture piping systems. The unique filter matting of Maxitrol Gas Filters is very effective at separating dust from circulating fuel. The wide filtering surface and depth of Maxitrol filters give them a remarkably high capacity for accumulated dust. In addition, Maxitrol’s super-fine mesh filter inserts will not allow particles larger than 0.05mm, or 50 microns, to flow through the filter. These filter inserts are replaceable and are quick and easy to change out and keep fuel as clean as possible. For installers and maintenance workers, the Maxitrol filter’s housing is compact and suitable for new equipment installation or retrofitting onto an older system.

Maxitrol Gas Filter Specs

The housings of all Maxiotrol Gas Filters are made of durable cast aluminum, while the filters themselves consist of a polypropylene impregnated fleece. The units are made with Rp or Rc thread (parallel or taper) dimensions according to ISO 7-1. National Pipe Taper (NPT) thread complies with ANSI standards. Maxitrol gas filters have a maximum operating inlet pressure of 15 psi and an ambient temperature limit of 175º F or 80º C.

Changes to the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) Standard 86 requires the installation of a gas filter or strainer on any new oven and/or furnace. In addition, all new filters must be tested according to DIN 3386 and meet DIN/DVGQ approval standards. However, all Maxitrol Gas Filters meet these standards and are approved for use in the US as well as most European countries.

Maxitrol Gas Filters are available in the following sizes and models:

maxitrol gas filters

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Maxitrol Gas Combination Controls

Maxitrol Gas Combination Controls

Maxitrol Combination Controls from N.H. Yates!

Gas valves are used to regulate the flow of flammable gases to and from a boiler or other gas equipment. Redundant gas valves control the passage of gas to the burner in a gas furnace or other gas-fueled devices. The purpose of a redundant gas valve is to allow the pilot valve operator, or, the main valve operator to shut off the flow of gas to the main burner. This redundancy creates more options and allows opportunities to keep the gas from the burner whenever necessary. Maxitrol Combination Controls are perfect for use in many applications such as gas boilers, power burners, spa heaters, wall furnaces, gas fires, patio heaters, agricultural heaters, and commercial cooking appliances. In addition, these combination controls are suitable for natural, manufactured, mixed gases, liquefied petroleum gases, and LP gas-air mixtures. At N.H. Yates, we are proud representatives of the entire line of Maxitrol products, including the Maxitrol Combination Controls.

Models of Maxitrol Combination Controls

Maxitrol Combination Controls for gas equipment come in several models that are appropriate for different application and needs. Here is a brief outline of each model and their capabilities:

Maxitrol Combination Control Model CV100

Maxitrol Gas Combination Controls

The CV100 is a single solenoid shut-off valve with an integrated pressure regulator. This model gas regulator is used for applications with high capacity pilot lines such as gas boilers and power burners.

Maxitrol Combination Control Model CV200

Maxitrol Gas Combination Controls

The CV200 is a dual-solenoid shut-off valve with an integrated pressure regulator. The CV200 is a redundant combination control that is used in direct spark or hot surface ignition applications. This unit eliminates the need for a standing or continuous burning pilot flame. Some appropriate applications for the CV200 include direct vent gas-fired baseboard heaters, space heaters, wall furnaces, water heaters, gas fireplaces, and commercial cooking appliances.

Maxitrol Combination Control Model CV300

Maxitrol Gas Combination Controls


The CV300 is a dual solenoid shut-off valve with an integrated pressure regulator, however, an optional pressure regulated pilot gas outlet is available. Appropriate applications for the CV300 include gas fires, commercial cooking appliances, and patio heaters.

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