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What The Pros Are Saying About HydroFlame Pro Series

holdrite hyrdoflame pro series

What The Pros Are Saying About Holdrite HydroFlame Pro Series

The innovative technology of the Holdrite HydroFlame Pro Series telescoping firestop sleeves saves plumbing contractors time and money. How? First, the HydroFlame Pro Series is adjustable in length from 8-12 inches, which means no more cutting or taping sleeves together. Second, the HyrdoFlame Pro Series is simple to install. It only takes four screws to secure the sleeves in place. Finally, there is no longer a need to use fire caulking with the HydroFlame Pro Series. Rather the Pro Series cans swell when heated to keep fire, smoke, gas and/or water from escaping. Find out more about the complete line of Holdrite HydroFlame Pro Series here.

See the Holdrite HydroFlame Pro Series in Action!

With 30 years of plumbing experience, John Woodbury Senior Superintendent at Dave Williams Plumbing and Electrical has seen it all. He knows what it takes in time and labor, to tackle any plumbing job. In this short video clip, he and his crew install Holdrite’s unique firestop system – HydroFlame Pro Series Sleeves on a podium deck and reap the benefits of this time and installed cost saving product.

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The SharkBite EvoPEX System is Here!

SharkBite EvoPEX System

The SharkBite EvoPEX System

The ShareBite EvoPEX System is the first push-to-connect total plumbing solution for new construction. The SharkBite EvoPEX System is easy to install. No special tools, soldering, glue or crimping are necessary to install the EvoPEX. This ease of install both optimizes time and improves efficiency. In addition, the easy installation reduces the risk of install errors and potential leakage. Simply push to connect, and check for the green visual indicator to ensure a proper, leak-free connection. The SharkBite EvoPEX is a one system solution from meter to fixture for household plumbing contractors.


Find out more about the SharkBite EvoPEX System here.


At N.H. Yates, our emphasis is on water. Since 1968 we are proud to represent many of the largest and most respected lines in the HVAC and plumbing industry. Contact our team of professionals today and find out how we can assist you.

Aquatherm Blue Pipe

aquatherm blue pipe

 Aquatherm Blue Pipe Is The New Industry Standard

The Aquatherm Blue Pipe is a superior alternative to steel, stainless steel, and inferior plastics for most heating and cooling, compressed air, and industrial applications. Why? The Blue Pipe provides more longevity and ongoing performance, in both heating and cooling industry applications, without corroding or weakening over time. The Aqautherm Blue Pipe is able to make these bold claims because of its groundbreaking “faser-composite” technology which reduces linear expansion and contraction and improves impact resistance. Therefore, regardless of the application, the Aquatherm Blue Pipe system is less likely to wear out, lose efficiency, and/or deteriorate than other piping systems.

Why Choose Aquatherm Blue Pipe?

The Aquatherm Blue Pipe’s corrosion free, expansion controlled system design makes it an excellent choice for most heating and cooling, industrial, geothermal, and compressed air systems. These features allow Blue Pipe to provide a more durable and sustainable alternative to most other piping systems on the market. In fact, because Blue Pipe will never corrode or scale, systems that utilize the piping system typically outlast the buildings they’re in. Still not a believer? Take a look at these case studies from Aqautherm and see Blue Pipe in action.

Installing Aquatherm Blue Pipe

The Blue Pipe is relatively easy to install and joins together through a process of knows as “Heat Fusion.” The entire Blue Pipe system is made from a PP-R thermoplastic material that changes to a “melt” state when heat is applied. The resulting connections are leak free and should last the life of the pipe. The Blue Pipe system is also much lighter than metal piping which helps speed installation time. Take a look at this video of an install tech putting this amazing “heat fusion” process in action.

For more information on the heat fusion process see the Aqautherm Blue Pipe information guide.

For information about purchasing the Aquatherm Blue Pipe system for your next project, contact the water professionals at N.H. Yates & Co. today.



Aquatherm Green Pipe

aqautherm green pipe

Keep Drinking Water Clean With Aquaterm Green Pipe

Clean drinking water is a necessity in life. The Aqautherm Green Pipe system is designed to keep drinking water and other water for food processing free of heavy metals and toxic chemicals that cause contamination. The Green Pipe accomplishes this by setting the standard for potable water systems around the world. Potable water, aka drinking water, must be must be free of chemicals and contaminants so that it is consumable for humans and other living things. However, some potable water piping allows trace amounts of chemicals to pull from pipe walls thus contaminating the water we drink. The Aquatherm Green Pipe system will never allow this to happen. How? Green Pipe is built of a polypropylene material that is hydrophobic, which means it will never corrode or leach into our drinking water.

Why Choose Aquatherm Green Pipe?

aquatherm green pipe
With food grade components, sanitation is key. The Aquatherm Green Pipe is a recyclable polypropylene-random (PP-R) system that is meant specifically for potable water applications and has been proven successful around the world for over 20 years. Because it comes in a variety of sizes, up to 18 inches in diameter, Green Pipe is an ideal choice for everyone from small restaurants and breweries to water mains and high rise buildings. Take a look at this case of study to see Green Pipe in action.

Installing Aquatherm Green Pipe

Installing the Green Pipe is fairly simple and extremely similar to installing Aquatherm’s Blue Pipe. Rather than bolts, clamps, and/or pipe fittings, the Green Pipe joins together through a process known as “Heat Fusion.” As mentioned earlier, Green Pipe is made from PP-R plastic which in addition to being hydrophobic, is also made of a thermoplastic material that changes to a “melt” when heat is applied. The resulting connections are leak, and contaminate free, and should last the life of the pipe.

For more information about the Aquatherm Green Pipe contact the water professionals at N.H. Yates today!

HOLDRITE TESTRITE DWV Inline Testing Systems

holdrite testrite dwv

HOLDRITE TESTRITE DWV Inline Testing Systems

The DMV pipes in a home or business carry toxic gases, such as methane, safely away into the sewer system for chemical processing. Therefore, an airtight, leak-free DMV system is critical to everyone’s health and safety. However, some DWV testing techniques can be risky. For example, the traditional “ball method” of testing runs a risk of pipe leakage and/or spillage which can lead to contamination and/or injury due to falls. This simply isn’t the case with the Holdrite Testrite DWV Inline Testing System due to innovative engineering and a safety-first design.

Why Choose the Holdrite Testrite DWV Inline Testing System?

holrite testrite dwv

First, the innovative Holdrite Testrite system offers a safer alternative to other DWV testing systems. The Testrite does not require the use of an inflatable device, such as a bladder, which can cause water slippage during deflation. Instead, Testrite’s sealed system utilizes test wedges with triple protection o-rings to assure a watertight seal without leakage or contamination. Second, the Holdrite Testrite DWV inline testing system is easy to install with only a few tools and performs up to 5X faster than inflatable DWV testing devices. In addition, the Testrite is available for use with PVC, ABS, or cast iron piping systems and is appropriate for any building type. Finally, the Testrite system meets all Plumbing Code requirements and is rated up to 50 feet of head pressure at 22 PSI for 5 floors.

The Holdrite Testrite DWV Inline Testing System at Work

Watch this explanation and product overview put together by the fine people at the Holdrite to see the Testrite DWV Inline Testing System in action!

At N.H. Yates, we know water. If you are a contractor wishing to purchase the Holdrite Testrite DWV Inline Testing system contact one of our highly qualified water professionals at N.H. Yates today.

Holdrite Supports

holdrite supports

Holdrite Supports Provide a Solution to All Your Plumbing Installation Needs

The Holdrite Corporation is known for innovative products in the plumbing and HVAC industries and Holdrite supports are no exception. Here is some information about the latest line of Holdrite CPVC, PEX, and copper brackets supports.

CPVC Supports

holdrite supports

Holdrite CPVC supports are the optimal solution for many plumbing applications such as sinks, lavatories, water heaters, toilet stub-outs, showerheads, and tub spouts. CPVC Holdrite supports are versatile, easy to install and give a plumbing system the clean look of a professional plumbing system installation. Each CPV support is constructed from galvanized brackets with lockable and glueable inserts and clamps to allow for proper pipe positioning and alignment. All CPVC supports are compatible with CPVC cement and are designed to protect tubing from damage. For more information visit the Holdrite site here.

Copper Brackets and Supports

holdrite supports

Holdrite copper-bonded pipe brackets and supports eliminate the need for makeshift installation methods by facilitating an easy professional install every time. Each bracket is created with a unique copper-bonding process that gives this bracket ultimate durability. In addition, tubing supports are soldered onto the bracket which allows plumbing contractors to heat pipe without heating the bracket. Holdrite Copper Brackets and Supports are ideal for use in various applications including toilets, sinks, shower heads, lavatories, and drinking fountains. For more information visit the Holdrite site here.

PEX Supports

holdrite supports

Holdrite is the industry expert at pioneering and producing innovative PEX support products designed to protect your stub-out. A fine example of these Holdrite supports is the PEX plumbing and pipe support brackets and PEX tubing stub-outs. These supports are designed for use with PEX, CPVC, and/or Copper Bullet systems. In addition, a torchless installation process allows contractors to quickly install PEX tubing rather they stub-out to PEX or PEX to copper. And of course, Holdrite PEX supports are compatible with all PEX manufactures. For more information about this product go here. 

At N.H. Yates, we know water. If you are a contractor looking for more information on any Holdrite support contact the water professionals at N.H. Yates and Co. today!

Flex-Hose Tri-Flex Loop

Flex-Hose Tri-Flex Loop

Flex-Hose Tri-Flex Loop is Available from N.H. Yates

It doesn’t matter what region of the country you live in, your buildings and structures are susceptible to damage from seismic activity. In fact, FEMA has identified mechanical failures of gas and water lines as one of the main causes of fire and damage to property during a seismic event. Fortunately, the Flex-Hose Tri-Flex Loop was created to absorb and compensate for ground movement in six degrees of freedom (three rotation axis, plus rotation along those axes simultaneously). This multi-plane movement design can reduce the need for expansion devices required in piping systems up to 50%. In addition, the Flex-Hose Tri-Flex Loop is the safest and most reliable means of absorbing movement resulting from thermal changes and random seismic shits in a piping system.

Why Choose the Flex-Hose Tri-Flex Loop?

Flex-Hose Tri-Flex Loop

First, Flex-Hose simplified its piping design for an easier installation process. The Tri-Flex Loop does not impose thrust on the piping system. Rather, the pipe’s braid is designed to take the stress of pressurization containing the core, which reduces anchor loads up to 93%. The Tri-Flex Loop also eliminates the need for pipe guides required by traditional pipe designs. Second, the Tri-Flex Loop increases usable space and reduces systems cost. The Flex-Hose system uses 64% less space than mechanical loop systems and eliminates the need for six welds during installation. Additionally, fewer fitting and welds are necessary if the installer positions the Tri-Flex Loop at directional changes and rotates the elbows to make a connection. Third, the Flex-Hose is approved to use in a variety of applications including compressed and combustible gas, steam, hot water, condensed water, and domestic water systems. To accommodate the Tri-Flex Loop is available with flanged ends, steel made NPT ends, weld ends, grooved ends, copper female sweat, or press fit ends.

Flex-Hose Tri-Flex Loop

At N.H. Yates, we know water! For more information about the Flex-Hose Tri-Flex Loop contact one of the knowledgeable water professionals at Yates today!

Maxitrol Ball Valves

maxitrol ball valves

Maxitrol Ball Valves from N.H. Yates

Ball valves guide, direct, and modulate the flow of various types of liquids by way of an opening which has a small opening in the middle called a port. By turning the handle on the ball valve, the port manually opens and closes to control the pressure of the liquid. Plumbing and HVAC contractors use ball valves to control the flow of many substances including water, oil, steam, and gas on a variety of applications. At N.H. Yates we are proud to be a manufactures representative for the entire line of Maxitrol Ball Valves which feature their innovative hollow ball and seat design. The research and development team at Maxitrol put years of work and testing into their ball valves to manufacture the hollow ball with a technical level not found in other products.

Maxitrol Ball Valves Models BV602 & BV250

The BV602 and BV250 Ball Valves from Maxitrol have a strong body of forged brass, female NPT inlet and outlet, hard chrome plated ball, and anticorrosion Dactomet treated handle. The BV602 contains seats of Buna N, and are of one-piece construction. Whereas the BV250 model contains PTFE and is made of two-piece construction. Both Maxitrol Ball Valves are equipped with a self-locking nut that improves reliability between the stem and lever by providing additional stability from vibrations. In addition, to the seal created by the O-ring, a PTFE anti-thrust washer seals against the shoulder of the valve. Maxitrol manufactures both models of ball valves with a unique new seat shape to reduce friction during opening and closing. This seat shape reduces torque on the entire unit by 20% to 40% which increases the life of the ball valve.

At N.H. Yates, we know water. If you are interested in more information on Maxitrol Ball Valves contact one of the water professionals at Yates today!

Flexcon Industries Expansion Tanks

Flexcon Industries Expansion Tanks from N.H. Yates

Water heaters can stress the pipes of a plumbing system during the normal thermal expansion that occurs during the heating process. Therefore, many engineers choose to install expansion tanks, sometimes called thermal expansion tanks, as a safety to minimize the risk of pressure damage to the plumbing system. It’s estimated that 50 gallons of cold water in a standard water heater can expand to take up the space of 52 gallons when heated to 120F. This extra water can create excess pressure in the plumbing system which over time can cause damage to the water heater, plumbing fixtures, and the water pipes themselves. At N.H. Yates, we are proud to be manufacturers representatives for the entire line of Flexcon Industries Expansion Tanks and have seen their product successfully utilized in many commercial and residential applications. 

Flexcon Industries Expansion Tanks FLEX Pro 2 PH Series

The FLEX 2 Pro PH expansion tank from Flexcon Industries gives your system the ultimate in hot water pressure protection. This unit features Flexcon’s exclusive CAD-2 diaphragm and antimicrobial liner and is designed to maintain safe pressure in water systems that use a backflow preventer.

  • 16 – gauge solid steel tank, finished with highest quality urethane paint to
  • stand up to the dampest basement or crawl space
  • CAD-2 diaphragm technology which is strong, 100% butyl diaphragm and copolymer polypropylene lower chamber for maximum water and air separation.
  • Stainless steel nipples designed to stand up to the harshest elements

Flexcon Industries Expansion Tanks HXT and SXHT Series

The Flex Pro 2 HTX and SXHT series are designed to relieve pressure build-up in forced hot water heating systems. Both of these tanks lines’ diaphragms are oversized which maximizes drawdown and minimizes wear. In addition, both models include tank, air scoop, and vent for added installer convenience. Hydronic accessory items including a fill valve are also available for the HXT and SXHT models. 

  • 16 – gauge solid steel tank, finished with highest quality urethane paint to
  • stand up to the dampest basement or crawl space
  • CAD-2 diaphragm technology which is strong, 100% butyl diaphragm and copolymer polypropylene lower chamber for maximum water and air separation
  • Condensation-reducing design virtually eliminates external corrosion
  • Copolymer polypropylene base is engineered to withstand maximum loads and extreme environmental conditions

At N.H. Yates, we know water. If you are a contractor or engineer in need or more information on Flexcon Industries Expansion Tanks contact a water professional at N.H. Yates today.